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Trusted Experience For Your Legal Transactions


Creating a legally solid document, agreement or contract can make all the difference in a successful transaction.  At Bushnell Law Group, you can trust in our experience to provide the legal knowledge and guidance you need from negotiating the terms of a transaction to drafting the agreement for a successful outcome to your endeavor.  Our lawyers have been practicing law for over 100 years, collectively.  We understand the nuances of Hawaii’s laws and practices and know how to help you achieve your goals.

Protect Your Construction Project Investment

A large portion of our practice is dedicated to construction law, and our managing attorney, Blake Bushnell, is well known in Hawaii as a construction law attorney.  Property development and construction require a large investment from everyone involved.  Protect your investment by making sure the deals and agreements you enter are in your best interest and carefully drafted.  We can also assist you with obtaining permits and insurance coverage and meeting all local and state regulations.

Understanding Hawaii Real Estate Laws

Hawaii’s real estate law differs from the property laws in other states, mainly due to Hawaii’s unique historical background.  At Bushnell Law Group, we understand the laws and trends here in Hawaii, and we know how to counsel and advocate on your behalf, whether you are buying, selling or leasing residential and commercial property.

Moving Your Business Forward

We represent corporate clients across a variety of industries, including many energy companies.  We also assist with high net worth estates and trusts.  Business and real estate transactions can be quite complex and require a firm understanding of the law.  We will provide you with the legal tools you need for success while removing impediments in your path.  Although our goal is to help you avoid legal disputes, they can be inevitable.  If you find yourself needing representation in litigation, we have decades of courtroom experience at your service.

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We look forward to helping you with your legal needs. To schedule an appointment, please call our office in Honolulu at 808-585-6050 or send us an online message.